Saturday, 25 June 2011

Celebrating the Royal Armed Forces - an inspiration

We have just returned home from a thoroughly enjoyable day celebrating the Royal Armed Forces.  This was the first event held and it was just around the corner from our home.  Not really knowing what to expect we packed our lunch and headed off.  To be honest, I thought that we'd end up eating our lunch and walking to the park.  3 hours, 2 ice-creams, 2 rounds of bouncy castles, singing, dancing and clapping later we arrive home, happy, full, exhausted and with a greater respect for those in the Armed Forces and their friends and family.  They had a number of VIPs including one lady who was simply inspirational.  Sadly her eldest son was lost in battle and rather than getting angry/bitter she has thrown herself into supporting events like today, carrying on the message that her son was fighting for.  Her youngest son has also signed up and is coming up to passing out.  She looked so proud of both of her boys.  I have absolute admiration for a lady who having lost 1 son to war is still able to encourage and support her other son in following in his brother's footsteps.  I almost cried when I saw her.  She was so positive and proud.  I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to lose a child and I am simply overwhelmed at some people's ability to turn everything into a positive.  Puts all of my petty little gripes into perspective!!

Not a good finisher...

All my life I've never been great at finishing things. I'll get a fantastic idea in my head and go for it only to leave it when it's only 50% completed. An example? Last Thursday when OH was out working all day I decided to finally touch up that bit of paint in the dining room that had been driving us both mad for weeks.  Once I had gone to the effort of opening the paint, finding a suitable paint brush and donning old painting attire I felt like it would be a waste to only paint that small 3x3 square. Where else to paint?? I know, the hall and the stairs and the landing! So I gradually worked my way around the hall, up the stairs and as high up the walls on the landing as I could reach.  Unfortunately this now means that we have a lovely big line across the top of the walls where I couldn't get to. Of course, finishing up at 11.45pm I had every intention of getting the paint back out the next day or maybe the day after and completing the job. 1 week and 2 days later and the paint has been safely stored away in the cupboard. My excuse, I've been too exhausted to get the paint out and stay up late to finish it or is the reality just that it was better than before therefore is acceptable and doesn't need finishing.  Eventually I know that OH will get a bee in his bonnet and finish it but why don't I have the desire to do it.  I'm more than happy to start something but find it really difficult finishing it. So what shall we do today? Get the paint out and finish the job or pack up a picnic and head to the beach? I think I know what we'll be doing...

Train to be a nursery nurse? No thanks!

Yesterday was DD's first school sports day at her nursery and I can safely say that I will never be training to be a nursery nurse.  Those poor girls tried desperately to organise a 30+ group of 2/3/4 year olds whilst under the beady eyes of proud parents/grandparents/carers. Remarkably they did a great job, children running races, Mummies and Daddies taking copious amounts of pictures (myself included) and minimal crying. So hats off to those poor girls and great job done.  Think I'll stick to just looking after my noisy 2!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Getting those creative juices flowing

So, I've just taken up a new hobby - Crochet! As a belated birthday present my lovely brother Kev and his gorgeous girl Vic bought me everything I needed to get myself crocheting (I think they felt that I needed a bit of inspiration) Surprisingly, I've actually managed to pick it up. I can proudly say that yesterday I completed my first 2 full projects:

Get ready for the ta da moment.......

Here is my lovely new cozy i-phone holder. My friend was recently given one from her pal and I instantly wanted one, so I thought how hard could it be?! I trawled the internet trying to find a decent pattern but to no avail and so I decided to just go for it and see what I ended up with.

I have honestly impressed myself.  Using crochet bible -  Encyclopedia of crochet techniques by Jan Easton I created this.  It took me an evening in front of the television (a good distraction from the uncomfortable viewing that is The Apprentice) and it was complete.  Even dear other half looked shocked that I had managed to create something useful.

My second creation is this bright pink hat with a flower on for my very girly girl Sophie. Her reaction when I gave it to her this morning made all of the unpicking and starting again so worth it.  She immediately put it on and paraded around the bedroom showing Daddy and Tom her new hat.

Never did I imagine that being creative would be so rewarding. As a kid I remember my Mum making me clothes and dressing up outfits for my nursery school. It amazed me that she was able to create such lovely things - she made it look so easy and I was super proud.  I've got a long way to go before I'm able to produce anything like she did but it feels so good knowing that I have started.

Now time to think of something to make little Tom Tom.

...and breathe.

2 baths, 1 shower, 3 meals, 1 trip to the shops and lots of mess later...I'm exhausted. What a long day this has been. Life is hard when your other half is studying for a Phd. There's no escape from the never ending grind of housework and cooking.  The fact that I get to spend all day with my 2 (mostly lovely) children is wonderful but oh, what I wouldn't give for a day back in the office.  Sitting at my desk with a cup of tea and a caramel slice. The pointless chat with people whom I rarely see nowadays. Of course, I took it for granted at the time.  Eating whenever I wanted, drinks, social nights and trips away. Everyone says 'enjoy it now before the children arrive' and do we listen, Nope, no way, they had to have been exaggerating.  3.5 years later and here I am, listening to my children fighting over who had the singing tea pot first!
I have to stop and ask myself, if Little Rabbit Foo Foo's good fairy came down and gave me 1 chance to change, would I? Absolutely not!!