Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Life is Simple

I have just come across this on a friend's Facebook page and I love it - sums up everything that I believe in.

I am, by nature, quite a flighty person and never want to miss an opportunity but also have no regrets.  Life just happens and it's how we react to the many challenges we face that makes us who we are.

Wow, now I feel like a Mummy... (thanks to Lucy at Attic24

I've only gone and made my first ever blanket! There's something so wonderfully satisfying about being able to make something, not only utterly gorgeous, but also incredibly useful and practical.

So here it is without further ado...

It's obviously a hit with Mini-me.  What's not to love.  Of course I can't take all of the credit for this as my inspiration was from my favourite blogger Lucy @ Attic24. As soon as I saw her completed blanket I knew that I had to make one!

I have made plenty of mistakes of course but this all adds to it's character.

I love, love, love my blanket and my Mum would be so proud!!!